Mobile Application Design

Be Bold. Be Different. Be Mobile.

Why Mobile?

Mobile apps give companies a unique advantage to reach clients. Although simply having your logo in plain sight at all times is incredible, push notificiations inform consumers when a new product or service has become available and remind them to visit the app frequently.

Hickory Tech Solutions

Included Services

Before we make your app, we will develop an interactive prototype, together, to make sure you get everything you need before your app goes to production.

Up to six interactive pages, so your most important content can be included!

Enjoy a complementary training on how to manage your app, your Google Play store or Apple Publisher account, and more. Every package we offer includes this service.

Optional discussion about the benefits of each operating system and a consultation to help you decide what is best for your company


Choose an app package that works for you

Android Only

Designed for phones and tablets from:
Pre-Paid Vendors

Written in Java
In Android Studio - SDK


Designed for:
All Android phones and tablets
All iOS phones and tablets

Does not include
Windows Mobile Apps

Written in C++ In Xcode and In Android Native Development Kit (NDK)


Designed for:
iPods Touch

*May not be available for older models

Written in Swift
In XCode

About our Pricing

Why are our prices so cheap? As a freelance organization, we have little overhead to account for. Hickory Tech Solutions and our partners believe that integrating technology should not cost an arm and a leg.
What is iOS, Android, and Apple? iOS and Apple are synonymous when it comes to mobile apps. "OS" stands for operating system and the 'i' is the traditional symbol for Apple-made mobile products (iPhone, iPod, iPad...). Android is the most popular non-Apple operating system. You'll find Android on Samsung phones, LG phones, Motorola and more!
Are there 'not native' apps? Yes. There are web apps as well. Web apps are similiar in look and feel to native apps, but they operate on a browser (like Safari or Google Chrome) rather than as a stand alone, downloadable app. These advantage of this is that you only need one app for all mobile devices. However, you do not have access to hardware features which can reduce the usability and improvement of apps.
What if I have no idea where to start or know what I need? Not a problem! Simply send us an email or give us a call and we'd be more than happy to walk you through your new app, every step of the way.